On the Streets

TitleOn the Streets
DirectorMycuoung Le
VDP Selection YearPlural Co-existence-2013
Screen Time16min
SubtitlesEnglish / Japanese
TagsHo Chi Minh, Children, Poverty, Street Life, Development, Street Stall


This film is about the lives of young men and women who earn their lives by selling sugar, singing and dancing on Ho Chi Minh city’s busy streets. The film offers a window into the life of Dien whose job is just not a way to earn a living. It also comes from his love for singing, where the streets are his only stage. Bi and Ti a couple who fell in love with each other, live together like husband and wife and stick to this job just to earn the money. The film also follows children who were born and grew up as street children. On the streets leaves the viewer with a question: when will it come to an end?

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