About Project

Southeast Asia is rich in its diversity of ethnic, religious and cultural composition. The region has maintained the coexistence of such diversity while at the same time achieving economic progress and becoming a hub for the flow of people, goods, money and information. Yet at present, the region is also confronted with serious issues such as the decrease of biodiversity and tropical forests, disasters, pandemics, aging population, ethnic and religious conflicts, economic differentiation and poverty.

The Visual Documentary Project (VDP) was set up in 2012 to make use of visual forms of expression and documentaries to complement academic literature on Southeast Asian societies, promote the richness of cultures in the region and build bridges between academia and documentary filmmakers. Since 2012, it has featured documentaries from and by Southeast Asian filmmakers on contemporary issues in the region, such as urban life, politics and everyday life, human flows, people and nature, and care and aging and urban life. Since 2014, the Japan Foundation Asian Center has been a partner in organizing this event.


Film Location of Selected Documentaries and Application

VDP 2017: Five Selected Works from five countiries (Myanmar, Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia).