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Malaysia, 16min

Red Wine Chicken


– Grace Chung Lay Woei


Red Wine Chicken

Red Wine Chicken focuses on a Vietnamese bride, Ah Jiao, married to a Malaysian man living in Bukit Pelanduk, in the state of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. The documentary focuses on their relationship with Ah Jiao reflecting on her place in her family. Weaving the story around Fuzhou red wine chicken, a traditional delicacy, family and food, this work dwells on the different ways people relate to each other.

What were your reasons for making your documentary? How did come to focus on the topic in your documentary?

This documentary was inspired by our producer’s aunt, Ah Jiao, the main protagonist in this documentary. We made this because there is some discrimination and stereotypes towards women who come to Malaysia as brides and that a younger generation of Malaysians are also starting to lose interest in inheriting the recipes of the traditional cuisines of their cultures. We had the purpose of wanting the audience to understand that true love can be found in many ways even if they are uncommon and get the audience to think that we shouldn’t forget our cultures and traditions.

– Director: Grace Chung Lay Woei


Angel Yuen Yi Qian

Angel Yuen Yi Qian is a Malaysian female filmmaker who studied for a Foundation in Arts (2018) and Bachelor of Communication (HONS) Broadcasting (2020) at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. She is the producer of Red Wine Chicken. She is also an assistant editor in Rev Asia Sdn Bhd. The inspiration for this documentary is Angel’s aunt, Ah Jiao, the vietnamese mail-order bride in the documentary.