Visual Documentary Project 2017 Winners

This year’s theme focused on Politics in Everyday Life in Southeast Asia. We had 103 submissions from ASEAN nations and Japan and have selected 5 excellent documentaries for screening in Japan.


  • Nostalgia Senja [Reminiscences of the Dusk]
    Directed by Fazhila Anandya
    Produced in Indonesia
  • I don’t know much about ABC
    Directed by Sok Chanrado, Norm Phanith
    Produced in Cambodia
  • Timbre [Tip-off]
    Directed by Camille Samonte, Pam Bareo
    Produced in Philippines
  • White Egret
    Directed by Loh Yoke Ling
    Produced in Malaysia
  • Yangon, the city where we live
    Directed by Shin Daewe
    Produced in Myanmar


Urban Life in Southeast Asia

Southeast is progressively urbanizing. By 2025 just under 50% of the region’s population will be urban. What kinds of life do people live in the rapidly transforming urban landscapes of Southeast? From life in slums to financial districts, informal settlements to gated communities, revitalization projects to mass urban restructuring, what values shape urban life in Southeast Asia? and how does cultural diversity, heritage, and aesthetics also define urban life? For 2017, we are looking for inspiring documentaries that deal with any aspect of urban life in Southeast Asia.