- LOVE -

Myanmar, 21min

A Simple Love Story


– Hnin Pa Pa Soe


A Simple Love Story

“A simple love story” is a documentary film that follows a not so simple love between a tomboy and transvestite man in modern day Myanmar. It traces the tensions that the couple faces and places them at the heart of issues in Burmese society: how can transgender people negotiate their love in society that has yet to embrace their differences?

What were your reasons for making your documentary?

My work counters the mis-categorization of LGBT characters usually seen in Myanmar’s mainstream films. I was a trainee at a film workshop in 2017. During this, I was responsible to finish a film project. After searching for a suitable story, I decided to direct a documentary film based on a love story between my two transgender friends. It was such a unique story that I could not pass up the chance to cover. It is a love story between a transgender man and a transwoman that challenges norms surrounding gender identity. However, Burmese society is unable to accept the LGBT community. Until now, LGBTQIA+ are struggling under the pressure of discrimination. Despite these struggles, love between a transgender man and a transgender woman is unacceptable not only by society but also within the LGBTQIA+ community itself. I would like to point out the fact that love has no gender.

– Director: Hnin Pa Pa Soe

Team Member

Lei Lei Aye

Lei Lei Aye is a lesbian film maker as well as a camera woman. She had made several LGBT films and others that promoted women rights. She had worked as sound recorder for “A Simple Love Story.” She has also worked on “My Mother is Single” (2014), “Soulmates” (2014), “The Storyteller” (2015) and “Valley Flower” (2016).

Aung San

Aung San is Kachin and graduated from Human Rights Film School. He left his family behind in order to pursue his passion for film works and has been struggling to become a freelance cinematographer in Yangon.